Cikel Group

Cikel Group is 100% Brazilian and it is present in 5 Brazilian States, with more than 30 years of work at the wood, outsourcing, and siderurgy, it accounts for 2,500 direct employees. Its management headquarter is located in Curitiba, Paraná state.

Cikel Group's main mission is: "Preserving the biodiversity of our natural forests," attitude recognized by FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®, through the concession of certification stamp. For this reason, all Manufacturing Units, as well as the Forest Handling Units, are rigorously followed by the certifying agency, crediting to our group the high degree of commitment to the environmental cause.

Its forest and industrial units are strategically located on northern Brazil for the easy production flow to the American and European countries.

The Units located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro manage the group's outsourced service areas, highlighting its presence on rendering industrial and logistics services to big customers.

Cikel Metallurgy is located at the industrial district of Marabá, in Pará State, producing cast iron with vegetal coal deriving from industrial and forest residues generated through industrial processes.

The group also has offices in the United States and in the Netherlands. The North American office uses quick ship inventory, which guarantees the product shipment up to 24 hours of receiving the purchase order. All these actions added to the high standard of its products and services and the capacity of its professionals make Cikel a solid partnership, settled on the construction of the future.